Representative Clients:


Defense Representation

Nolen Law Firm defends clients against claims of product defect, premises liability, professional negligence, and sexual abuse. Although many matters resolve before trial, Rudy has tried 51 cases to a jury verdict of which 40 resulted in a favorable or defense verdict for his clients.

Nolen Law Firm represents clients in the following areas:

Plaintiff Representation

Nolen Law Firm selectively represents plaintiffs in the firm's specialty areas, while at the same time avoiding conflicts with our defense clients.

The following is a list of cases we have either settled or tried:

Legal Malpractice:

  1. Negligent representation of anti trust case; San Francisco County; $1.3 million settlement.
  2. Negligent representation of hospital administrator; Contra Costa County; $1,100,000.00 settlement.
  3. Negligent formation of family trust and family partnership; Placer County; $750,000.00 settlement.
  4. Negligent failure to advise of conflict of interest; Sacramento County; $738,000.00 settlement.
  5. Negligent failure to properly transmute separate property; Solano County; $475,000.00 settlement.
  6. Negligent formation of family trust; El Dorado County; $450,000.00 settlement.
  7. Negligent representation of physician group; San Francisco County; $375,000.00 settlement.
  8. Negligent representation of patent infringement claim; Sacramento Federal Court; $250,000.00 settlement.
  9. Negligent failure to prepare an enforceable marital agreement; El Dorado County; $200,000.00 settlement.

Product Liability:

  1. Montoya v. Honda - ATV rollover; Sacramento County; 1.9 million jury verdict.
  2. Spain v. Drott Crane et al. - Mobile crane rollover; San Joaquin County; 1.8 million settlement.
  3. Crocker v. New Age et al. - Defective wheel on meat rack; Sacramento County; $1,040,000.00 settlement.
  4. Hendricks et al. v. Volvo Corporation et al. - defective design of cab interior of refuse trucks; Sacramento county; $800,000.00 settlement.

Premises Liability:

  1. Greeny v. State of California et al. - Negligent roadway design; Nevada County; $250,000.00 trial/settlement.
  2. Poland v. City of Sacramento et al. - Negligent maintenance of stop sign; Sacramento County; $1,650,000.00 settlement.
  3. Henry v. Cap Fed - Negligent security; Sacramento County; $450,000.00 settlement.

Construction Accident:

  1. Cardenas v. Kikkoman Foods, Inc. et al. - Tank cover failure; Sacramento County; $900,000.00 settlement.
  2. Morrison v. Kenyon Construction et al. - Negligent maintenance of construction stairs; Sacramento County; $275,000.00.

Medical Malpractice:

  1. Pasino v. Jackson - Negligent treatment of wrist injury; Napa County; $450,000 settlement.
  2. Clark v. Eskaton - Negligent supervision of psyciatric patient; Sacramento County; $600,000.00 settlement.
  3. Lang v. Barton Memorial Hospital - failure to diagnose breast cancer; El Dorado County; $250,000.00 settlement.
  4. Parsons, Rubitisky v. Sutter General Hospital - staff infection in operatory; Sacramento County; confidential settlement.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

  1. Lang v. Buchanan - Freeway rear end collision; Los Angeles County; $670,000.00 jury verdict.
  2. Klinkenborg v. Barron - Auto pedestrian accident; Placer county; $750,000.00 settlement.
  3. Claas v. CTL - Wrongful death; Sacramento County; $587,000.00 settlement.
  4. Rear end collision; Sacramento County; Neck injury with surgery; $700,000 settlement.
  5. Nunes v. Transportation Co. (Intersection Collision); Butte County; Multiple abdomina and extreme injuries; $825,000.00 settlement.
  1. Sexual abuse of sixteen minor children; Napa County; $12,500,000.00 settlement.
  2. Insurance bad faith; Sacramento County; $250,000.00 settlement.
  3. Failure to pay disability; Placer County; $250,000.00 settlement.
  4. Sexual Harassment; Placer County, $117,500 settlement.